1894: Foundation of the company Rübli SA, Neuenburg

1982: Foundation of the company Wernesco AG, Luzern (Owner Werner Steiner)

1986: Pistor takes over the company Rübli SA, Neuenburg

1993: Business merger of Rübli SA and Wernesco AG to Fairtrade SA, Rothenburg

Since 1993 the Fairtrade SA company has been a sister company of Pistor AG and belongs to the Pistor Holding, along with Proback AG.

Fairtrade strategic positions of success

Thanks to our experience and global relationships with reliable suppliers we can fulfil specific customer requirements in food commodity trading at any time.

For our customers we provide reasonable prices for their purchases of top-quality products due to up-to-date information on the latest market and foreign exchange development, smooth order processing and long-term experience in commodity trading.

We only work with first-class suppliers which guarantee highest quality and on-time delivery. We guarantee quality control, completion of contracts and customer security.

Objective advice, fair business conduct and a well-organized back office strengthen mutual trust and consolidate relationships with customers and suppliers.